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I’m Farruk Murad

Our team is still very young, but each of our members has been on the market for many years. It sounds weird, but as children, we couldn’t imagine our lives without PR, branding, marketing, and advertisement.

Established as a design studio, Paradigma has evolved into a full-fledged creative agency, powered by bold and responsible designers and producers. Having collaborated with dozens of clients and built ventures in different directions, we know that this is just the beginning, the most impressive part ahead is what awaits us along with our clients and partners.
We develop design and marketing strategies that take into account the needs and personalities of our clients and believe that great and genuinely original works cannot be made without dedication and enthusiasm, so we only take on what we are interested in what gives scope to our creativity and business growth. After all, why do you take a project just for the sake of money, if you’re ashamed to show it?
We, therefore, aim to produce only elegant, minimalist, well-thought-out works that are valuable to clients and simplify their business processes, and to achieve this with an integrated approach, non-trivial solutions, and a thoroughly inspected implementation.



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